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Baltimore City COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

We are aware that Mayor Scott’s administration is moving forward with the implementation of a vaccination mandate for all city workers, including City Union of Baltimore members. The administration came to us on Monday, August 30, 2021 and informed us that this policy would be implemented effective October 18th. The parameters of the Mayor’s mandate requires employees who are not vaccinated to submit to weekly COVID testing. We were also informed by Mayor Scott’s administration that ADA accommodations would be made for those with underlying health conditions or religious beliefs which prevent them from receiving the vaccine.

Our concern continues to be the impact this mandate will have upon our membership. We still have questions about the implementation process. It is our firm belief that we have a right to bargain matters of testing including the frequency of tests, as well as administrative sick leave in the event of city employees needing to quarantine. That being the case, we intend to work with Mayor Scott to collectively bargain this issue keeping foremost in our minds the health and welfare of our membership.

We look forward to working with Mayor Scott’s administration to bargain and address the concerns of our members, and to ensure this policy is implemented fairly.

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