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2117 N Howard St
Baltimore, MD 21218-5608

Phone number: (410) 962-1492

E-mail address:


Name Title
  • Antoinette Ryan Johnson
  • Donna Price
  • Tiffany Walker
Building Rep
  • Antoinette Ryan Johnson
Chapter President
  • Gaye Mattison
Communication Contact
  • Olivia Baker
  • Tara Belisle-clark
  • Craig Ewell
  • Pauline Fayall
  • Dax Johnson
  • Gaye Mattison
  • Antoinette Ryan Johnson
  • Sadikia Thomas-caldarazzo
Executive Board Member
  • Gaye Mattison
Executive Secretary
  • Terashelle Blue
  • James Diblasio
  • Roosevelt Grandy
  • Lorenzo Hill
  • Sherylind Mccoy
  • Joyce Penny
City Union of Baltimore
 PresidentAntoinette Ryan-Johnsonemail
 Administrative Assistant email
 Office Asst. II email
 Labor RelationsJames W. Anthony,
 Labor RelationsTiffany Walkeremail
 Labor RelationsMaxine J. Holmesemail
 Labor RelationsRuth L. Pajouhandehemail
Executive Officers, Area VPs and Stewards
 PresidentAntoinette Ryan-Johnson(410) 962-1492
 Executive VPDonna Price(410) 396-8966
 TreasurerKedrick McIntye(410) 396-8966
 SecretaryGaye Mattison(443) 984-2810
Area A.1A62Education Central Office 
 Area VPPauline Fayall(443) 642-3718
Area A.2A62Education - School Based 
 StewardDiana Elliott(410) 396-6396
Area BA40Communications Center 
Area CA41, A70Officer of Director DPW, Solid Waste 
 Area VPLinzy Jackson III(410) 396-8966
Area DA99Police Department 
 Area VPCraig Ewell(410) 396-2284
 StewardLorenzo Hill(410) 396-2284
Area EA65Health Department 
Area FA50Water and Waste Water DPW 
 Area VPSadikia Thomas-Caldarazzo(410) 396-6040
 StewardTerashelle Blue 
 StewardRoosevelt Grandy(410) 396-3061
 StewardJoyce Penny(410) 396-9612
Area GA85General Services 
 Area VPOlivia Baker(410) 396-5901
 StewardJames Di Blasio(410) 396-0210
Area HA49, A84, A90, C90Transportation 
 Area VPDax Johnson(443) 984-2176
 StewardSherylind McCoy(410) 396-1945
Area IA06Housing and Community Development 
 Area VPTara Belisle-Clark 
Area JA12, A14, A17, A23, A24Finance, Treasury Management,
Purchasing, Accounting
Area KA04, A67, A68Recreation and Parks 
Area LA15, A19, A22, A24, A25, A28, A33, A42, A51, A64, A73, A88Real Estate, Planning, Post Office,
Audits, Retirement, Minimum Wage, Legislative Reference, Research, Community
Relations, Fire, Zoning, and Municipal Telephone Exchange
 StewardKenneth Powell 
 StewardLaura Meininger 

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