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Passing of Allen D. Robinson

It is with my deepest regret that I announce the passing of Brother Allen D. Robinson. Bro. Robinson serviced the citizens of Baltimore as a dedicated employee, executive vice president, COPE and Social Committee Chair for the City Union of Baltimore (CUB) Local #800, AFL-CIO. Bro. Allen was a dear friend to all in our union and labor movement.

‘Back to school’ like never before

In her September New York Times column, AFT President Randi Weingarten says that going back to school has never looked like it does now. Weingarten explains that because of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, which has been chaotic, contradictory and inept, and the lack of federal guidance and funding, we’re seeing a patchwork of school reopening plans across the country.

Scholarship Opportunity

CUB MEMBERS & CITY EMPLOYEES: Times are unquestionably difficult for us all. There's an added burden if you're trying to pay college tuition during this time. Nationwide and the City of Baltimore Retirement Savings Plan & Deferred Compensation Plan has a scholarship opportunity for young people whose parents or grandparents are city employees that meet the qualifications. Take a look at the flyer and see if your young scholar is eligible for one of the scholarships. 

Application deadline is July 15, 2020. Click here for application form. See flyer or text below for more details. 


CUB Distributes PPE to Worksites

The City Union of Baltimore continues to try to protect members as best as possible while they continue to provide essential services to the citizens of Baltimore. President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson and organizer Janell Edmonds made drop offs of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to two locations where members are still on the job.

Voting By Mail

By emergency proclamation of the Governor, the 2020 Presidential Primary Election has been postponed to June 2, 2020. This election will be primarily a “vote by mail” election. This means that ballots will automatically be mailed to all eligible voters. You should receive your ballot in early to mid May.

Maryland Unsung Heroes On The Front Line: Earldine Williams

Earldine Williams has been a Director with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks for 16 years, and is a member of the City Union of Baltimore, Local 800. During that time, she has developed a unique bond engaging with community members, young, middle-aged, and older citizens alike. COVID-19 has changed much of that. Prior to social distancing norms, she would see about 800 people at her center weekly. There, she and the staff offered programs and resources centering on health and wellness among other quality of life initiatives. Now, she only engages about 200 people weekly and the programs have been suspended.

While Ms. Williams is disappointed that... 


President's Update on COVID-19 Baltimore City Budget Shortfall



On April 9, 2020 the Mayor’s Office assembled a meeting of all the Presidents of the Municipal Unions of Baltimore, along with the Labor Commissioner, Director of Department of Human Resources, and Deputy Budget Director. At that meeting, the Unions were presented with a summary of the City’s budgetary projected shortfalls of $46 million in FY2020 and $103 million in FY2021 “due to the economic impact of COVID-19.” The Unions were then presented with three concessionary options to help the City reduce personnel costs by $11.1 million. 


CUB Member Update on COVID-19

The City Union of Baltimore is working to ensure that every member has the proper PPE required to do their job. After hearing from the membership who work at various worksites across the city, I know what it is you need, and I have been and will continue to fight like hell to ensure that you have the resources you need to do your job. Your calls and emails have not gone unnoticed.