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CUB Retirees Rally to Stop the TPP

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, CUB retirees joined a rally sponsored by the Alliance for Retired Americans and the AFL-CIO in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at the Baltimore World Trade Center.

LaVerne Foster, the CUB Retiree Chapter President, reports that they want to let people know that retirees are FIRED UP about the TPP agreement.

Voting for the TPP would mean fewer jobs and lower wages for American workers. TPP also contains extreme patent protections for name-brand pharmaceuticals that threaten to restrict access to cheaper lifesaving medicines in all TPP countries, including the United States.

It could also jeopardize the government's abililty to list and price prescription drugs in public programs like Medicaid, on which millions of seniors and people with disabilities rely. 

Furthermore, the Medicaid drug discounts negotiated under the Affordable Care Act and the Veterans Administration system are in jeopardy. Drug discounts established by statute through the ACA could be challenged if pharmaceutical companies determine that these discounts put the drugs at below "fair market" prices. The same goes for the Veteran's Administration which tried to get the best priced drugs to take care of those who have sacrificed their health in the service of this country.

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