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Statement from CUB President on Cafeteria Worker Assault

A Message to Members from CUB President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson on the Assault on a Cafeteria Worker at National Academy Foundation Middle/High School

The recent violent assault of a long-serving Cafeteria Manager and loyal member of the City Union of Baltimore, resulting in severe injuries requiring hospitalization, is a distressing event. Attacks on cafeteria staff and other school related personnel have been understudied and underpublicized and leave this population at risk for violence. Our schools are, and should be, an environment of learning, collaboration, and community; not an environment of disrespect and violence where students feel at liberty to assault anyone including a caring and respectful Cafeteria Manager.

Cafeteria workers and other school related personnel provide immeasurable services to the school community. Their substantial contribution to the health, safety, and nutrition of students contributes greatly to the degree of student success.

The City Union of Baltimore is focused on the safety and welfare of each of our members, and will ensure that all available support will be provided to our injured member in this incident. In addition, we stand in solidarity with our fellow AFT-Maryland members in the Baltimore Teachers Union, and look forward to joining them on the school safety task force.

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