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Reclaiming the Promise

The City Union of Baltimore has taken a stand of “Reclaiming the Promise.” The Promise of America is under attack. Consequently, public services are being privatized, defunded, and deprofessionalized by our government; salaries are being cut, pensions raided, employees are being forced to do more with less.

Our communities are the sufferer of this attack. Public employees provide quality services to our communities, as they have for some time; they provide education, quality drinking water, protect the citizens of Baltimore, keep streets clean, develop and maintain the infrastructure, provide family/health services, emergency services and protection. Instead of being commended for these services, their jobs are constantly being threatened, benefits cut, they work in unhealthy/unsafe conditions, lack support/resources and are treated unfairly.

Regardless of these attempts to demoralize employees they continue. They provide education, health, protection, safety and quality services to all of our community. It is time to Reclaim the Promise, by uniting our voices.

The City Union of Baltimore kickoff event was held on May 21, 2014. AFT’s goal is to advocate for vibrant neighborhoods and communities, adequate and stable funding with public support. CUB has embraced this goal. It is understood that this goal can only be met by partnering with the “community to build support” and to ensure tax dollars are properly invested back in our communities.

We will start by training our executive council and request they commit to assist in accomplishing these goals. There will be commitment cards available for our members and the community to complete and return.

We look forward to your support. If you would like to assist with this campaign, please contact Maxine Holmes at the CUB office 410-962-1492.

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