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From the President, Summer 2014

It has been my privilege to be president for about a year and a half. I have taken this position to do my best to continue our growth with your help. My vision is to improve communication with our members, as well as stakeholders, and to protect the rights and benefits of our members.

CUB continues to participate in building, reinstating and developing coalitions that will enhance our effectiveness in the labor community. We have membership on the Health Care Committee for Baltimore City giving labor a stronger voice in the development of future health care benefits.

CUB is anxious to meet with Dr. Gregory Thornton, the newly assigned chief executive officer for the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS). After a period of acclimation, CUB will request a meeting to formally introduce ourselves to Dr. Thornton. We look forward to a positive, productive working relationship with Dr. Thornton and the BCPSS staff.

The Memorandum of Understanding for Baltimore City was recently ratified by 80% of the voting membership. However, the City has not honored the agreed upon proposal. Recently, Labor Commission Bulletin #439 reported that the front-loading of vacation days would not take place on July 1, 2014. Discussion of this agreement continues. Updates will be released as they develop.

The good news is that Baltimore City will implement the increases as stated in the proposal. (See Labor Commissioner’s Office Bulletin (LCOB) #440R.)

Legislation passed by City Council on May 5, 2014 established a new retirement plan for certain employees with an effective date of July 1, 2014. There are two types of RSP (retirement savings plan) members can choose from: a hybrid membership and a non-hybrid membership. Employees of the Baltimore City Public School System who are not eligible for membership in the State of Maryland Teachers’ retirement system are also eligible.

I want to thank all for your support and continuous prayers. We have made progress in this past 18 months. However, there is still much to do. Sister and Brothers, continue to join us as we engage in “Reclaiming the Promise”. Making a difference for the better is what we do!

Yvonne C. Rice
President, City Union of Baltimore
Summer, 2014

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