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Payroll issues with WORKDAY system

We have become acutely aware of the difficulties that the new payroll system, WORKDAY, is causing CUB Members employed in various agencies throughout the city. I have been in direct communication with Shop Stewards throughout our system and have been collecting information and data regarding specific cases by name and issue. Upon receipt, these issues are being forwarded immediately to the Labor Commissioner and the Director of Human Resources for prompt resolution. Members of City Council and the Mayor’s Office have been made aware of the difficulties the payroll malfunctions have been causing our members in the form of missing overtime pay, holiday pay, other leave pay, and in some cases, no paycheck at all.

Already, Central Payroll has been put in motion and is issuing off-system checks by hand to address the most egregious of these situations. If you have been impacted by these payroll issues, and your information has not already been forwarded to my attention, please work with your Shop Steward or Labor Relations Specialist here at CUB to provide the detailed information necessary to address your situation. I will see that it is forwarded through the right channels to Central Payroll to be addressed swiftly.

In the meantime, please know that we are monitoring this situation carefully, and will press hard on the Administration to address all of these issues and concerns in an expeditious manner.

Antoinette Ryan-Johnson, President
City Union of Baltimore
Local 800, AFT, AFL-CIO

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