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Happy Veterans Day

What an honor to live and work in a beautiful port city like Baltimore. Our port welcomes merchandise along with the opportunity for travel and we welcome visitors to our shores. We can celebrate our rich, diverse cultural history that has the perfect mixture of nationalities from around the world. Our city’s skyline is taking on a new look as the plans to revitalize our city takes place. Baltimore is making great strides in the rebuilding of both its infrastructure, commercial, and residential communities and that’s what makes Baltimore unique.

But that is only part of the story of our great city. The real story of the greatness of our city comes from the people who live and work here. They do not just live and work here, they serve here, too.

They are the called out, those ready to protect and serve. Not just in the care of the city, but for the bravery they have exhibited in the service of the United States military. We have employees who have and are still serving in every branch of the armed forces– living, working, worshiping, and making our city great. That should hold a noteworthy part of the Maryland flag. They show up when called to serve this, our city, and the nation.

When November 11th comes each year, we tip our hat, we wave our hands, offer a salute, and send up prayers for the men and women employed in our city, Baltimore, for giving so much for so many, so we can live in safety here. The veterans living and working in Baltimore bring excellence in life and skillset that helps to make “Life Better for Someone Else”.

Happy Veterans Day

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