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DPW Work Environment Meeting

The death of our union sister Trina Cunningham, deeply affected everyone at the City Union of Baltimore. President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson, on behalf of the union, has been in constant communication with Trina’s family and they have joined with CUB to ensure justice for Trina. A huge step in ensuring justice for our dear sister is a thorough monitoring of the investigation of her death, and a prevention of any future workplace injuries or fatalities.

Knowing that, the City Union of Baltimore hosted a listening session for city employees from Department of Public Works and all across the city to share their experiences about on the job safety. Held in conjunction with AFSCME, city employees shared their work experiences.

Based on the information received, a team of CUB, AFT-Maryland, and AFT personnel are working to demand greater safety for CUB members in the workplace. This team used the testimonials and accounts shared by city employees to map out the best way to fight for the safety of CUB members. Beyond the perilous near-injury stories, union staff learned about everyday hazards that city employees face. This will be shared with Maryland Occupational Safety & Health (MOSH) investigators and all necessary parties to ensure no other city employee faces danger doing their job for the citizens of Baltimore. 


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