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CUB Provides Members with OSHA-30 Training

An important issue for CUB members has been workplace safety. Responding to that concern, the union facilitated an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30-hour training for stewards. The training was a four day experience where members learned about federal regulations for proper health and safety protocols at the worksite.

Members equipped with this information are able to help keep themselves and their fellow colleagues safe at work. They are also equipped to know what management should be doing to help ensure worker safety. This issue is dear to CUB and workplace safety has been a commitment of CUB intensified by the tragic worksite fatality of CUB member, Trina Cunningham. [Link:]

This effort builds on CUB's earlier efforts to ensure worker safety. CUB spent the summer touring worksites and facilities identifying Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) violations. The union, with support of the state and national federation (AFT-Maryland and the AFT) collected data and made recommendations that resulted in the city agreeing to move CUB members and their colleagues to safer, healthier worksites.

Click here to view a video from the training. 


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