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CUB Members Get One-Time Payout Ahead of Overtime

The job of a union is to ensure fairness for its members. The City Union of Baltimore (CUB) heard from our members and leapt into action to ensure fairness. This issue at hand: members who are supervisors in solid waste had maxed out their comp time but were denied overtime. These members were working overtime however to account for staffing shortages in the department. Members were rightfully frustrated with what was a patently unfair rule and as they should, they brought the issue to their union.

Upon being informed of this, CUB directed our attention to this issue to soon right this wrong. A study by the city’s Department of Human Resources showed how members were missing out on money they should be making, given the overtime they were working. CUB began working with the Department of Public Works and the Office of the Labor Commissioner to ultimately right this wrong.

Since these supervisors have been moved to a work status that qualifies them for overtime, members were paid out their past comp time in a lump sum one-time payment. Ultimately as a result of the union’s work on members’ behalf, not only will supervisors at solid waste get paid overtime for the extra work they do, they’ll also have the money from the one-time payout of comp time. When members faced unfairness in the workplace, CUB stepped up to the plate and fought for our members to right a wrong.


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