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The City Union of Baltimore invites Traffic Enforcement Officers & Supervisors to meet on Saturday, October 28, 2017, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. @ 2117 N. Howard Street. Your attendance is desired.
Topics for discussion:
  1. New Shift Procedures (how are we coming along?)
  2. Hours of Work  & Contract Language (OT, Call Back, Lunchtime, etc.)
  3. New Contract Language
  4. CUB Representatives
  5. Hours of Work
  6. Q & A
Light Refreshments will be provided
Looking forward to your participation.
RSVP 410-962-1492 Ext. 107
Leave a message, or

Two locals in the federation came together to let their voices be heard. City Union of Baltimore retirees joined with leadership and Baltimore Teachers Union retirees to testify at a city council hearing about changes to the prescription drug benefits plan for Baltimore city retirees. CUB President Antoinette Ryan-Johnson kicked off the panel. She spoke about the need to ensure a fair and equitable prescription drug benefit plan for current and retired city municipal workers.

President Ryan-Johnson was joined by CUB retiree Donald Morris and BTU retiree Marsha Taylor in supporting the City


Memorandum of Understanding has been approved and signed by City of Baltimore and the City Union of Baltimore.  It has been forwarded to the Mayor’s Office for submission to the Board of Estimates.  Once approved, the Office of the Labor Commissioner will provide dates for payment.






              Pictured from left to right are Tiffany Walker CUB, James Anthony CUB, Reginald Moore (new director of Recs & Parks), Quintin Herbert Office of the Labor Commissioner, Deborah Moore-Carter Labor Commissioner, Michael Alexander Joint Apprenticeship office, Michelle Pouciau (new director for DOT), Maxine Holmes CUB, Michael Guy MAPS, Dorothy Bryant Local 44, Glennard Middleton Local 44 and Beverly Woolford DOT.